Soldier's Life


A Confederate Bombproof Interior

by Dr. Lawrence E. Babits and Rick Leech

An excavation at Fort Bartow, Georgia allowed a unique view into the construction of a typical Confederate bombproof, and provided enough data to form a conjectural reconstruction of its structural system.

Overview: Civil War and Reconstruction Foods

By John U. Rees

The war years significantly changed the diets of both soldiers and civilians alike, as new recruits got used to the bland army rations, and citizens on the home front faces shortages and inflation.

“Soldiers are ingenious animals:” American Civil War Campaign Shelters

By John U. Rees

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“We Were Marching on Christmas Day:” History, Food, and Civilian and Soldiers’ Celebrations: A Book Review

By John U. Rees

Soldiers and civilians did their best to celebrate Christmas while loved ones were so far from home.  This book is full of original accounts and descriptions of how people spent the holiday during wartime.