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Notes on Commissary Cooking and Equipment: 1861-1865

By Cody J. Harding


Definitions of Leather and US Infantry Cartridge Boxes: A Guide to Their Use

By Larry McIrvin


Examination of Original Tools Excavated from Federal Camps

By Paul A. Boccadoro

How to Make Your Own Inexpensive Contractor Stamps

By Paul A. Boccadoro

Photographic Compilation of Common Tools Being Used in the Field
By Paul A. Boccadoro

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Photographic Compilation of Federal Enlisted Men Wearing Dark Blue Trousers in 1862 and Beyond

By Paul A. Boccadoro

Stud Covers and Scalloped Shoulder Strap Ends on Early Federal Knapsacks

By Paul A. Boccadoro

US Army Tool Contracts, 1863-1865

By Paul A. Boccadoro and John C. Holman