Dress Parade at Point Lookout, March 2017.

Recreating the Pennsylvania Reserves' assault at Gettysburg, November 2016.

Following the footsteps of the Pennsylvania Reserves at Gettysburg, November 2016.

Entering the Cornfield at "Maryland, My Maryland" (150th Antietam), September 2012.

Retreating at the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Ball's Bluff, October 2011.

Portraying the 62nd Pennsylvania in the 2011 Remembrance Day Parade, Gettysburg, PA.

"A Dramatic History of Our Nation, or Old Times Not Forgotten" (up to Act IV) – a play written, developed, and performed in a period style by our members at 150th Manassas, July 2011.

Portraying the 16th Vermont in the 2010 Remembrance Day Parade, Gettysburg, PA.