This event will be a full immersion experience portraying the 2nd New Hampshire of the New Hampshire Brigade (2nd, 5th and 12th NH Infantry) that had been stationed at Point Lookout, Md. The event will be held in Fort No. 3, which has been reconstructed on the original site by the Friends of Point Lookout, and includes barracks with bunks and three additional buildings, all of which have fully operational wood stoves. We plan to have three companies made up mostly of members from the Liberty Rifles, Constitution Guard, and like-minded friends, and we're hoping to fill the barracks to capacity!

Historically, the 2nd, 5th, and 12th NH were fortunate enough to be pulled out of the AOP and stationed at PLO from mid July '63 - April '64.  The 12th, 2nd, and 5th New Hampshire had all sustained heavy losses throughout the course of the war and by July 4th, 1863, the three regiments barely totaled 300 men.  Under the command of General Gilman Marston, the New Hampshire men were sent to PLO for some much needed rest and relaxation.  The time was spent replenishing their depleted ranks with new volunteers and conscripts, as well as routine camp duty, guarding of prisoners, and as spring neared, much drilling and preperation to rejoin the Army.  Our portrayal will be the 2nd New Hampshire in March of 1864. 

Bob Crickenberger and the Friends of PLO have gone through pain staking efforts to accurately recreate this fort, to include barracks with bunks enough to hold about 100 men, officer's quarters, and guard shack, all of which have multiple functioning woodstoves and were constructed using original US Army Engineer blueprints.  This event will be in lieu of our annual drill event however, just like the New Hampshire boys, we too will be knocking the rust off and sharpening up on our drill for the better part of the weekend. 

All meals will be prepared by a commissary detail, field music will be your alarm clock and dinner bell, and of course, your old friend Saul Goode will be on site to supplement your diet, thirst, and taste for tobacco, among other things.  Saturday night will be filled with banjo and fiddle music, a variety show, spirits, pipe smoke, roaring wood stoves, singing, dancing, etc.  We are looking to end the event by 11 am on Sunday.

It's encouraged to make a "Box from Home" that would be a VERY appropriate for this scenario. "Hardtack and Coffee" provides some great insight. Additional period chairs, bottles, books, boxes, etc. are all completely welcome to help create the atmosphere in and around the barracks.

  • THIS EVENT IS INVITE-ONLY to maintain quality and numbers.

  • Registration will be $15 to cover rations (three full meals on Saturday, and one on Sunday). LR dues-paid members are exempt from the fee.

  • Rank will be assigned by each of the three company's commanders

  • We'll have a porta-john on site away from the fort.

  • Do not bring any rounds or caps.

  • QUESTIONS? Please email Mike Clarke or Paul Boccadoro.


General Rules

  1. Participants shall make a reasonable effort to conform to the impression guidelines. All items shall be high quality reproductions and conform to period documented patterns and methods of manufacture.
  2. No modern items shall be visible at any time.
  3. No cell phones. Keep cameras to a minimum and be discreet when using.
  4. No modern tobacco products like cigarettes. Loose tobacco should be in a period pouch or bag.
  5. Food and alcohol must be stored in period containers. Prepare these things at home or in the parking lot, not in the fort.


Impression Guidelines

The impression for the weekend is three companies of the 2nd New Hampshire Infantry. The 2nd NH received new uniforms after being pulled off the line, post Gettysburg. This is not the event to wear a busted up muddy kit. Uniforms should be brushed, clean and in good shape. NCO's should have correct rank insignia. From photographic evidence, we've concluded the following:

From an original USCC pamphlet on bedsacks.

Headgear: Forage caps will be worn when in formation and on duty. Slouch hats will be allowed for off duty hours. No corps badges - the 2nd NH was transferred to the St. Mary's District and no longer belonged to a Corps. Other hat brass is fine, but don't go overboard.

Jackets: Blouses, dress coats, and short jackets are all equally appropriate.

Vests: Both military and civilian are very appropriate.

Overcoats: Absolutely.

Trousers: Sky blue trousers only.

Footwear: Boots or shoes are both fine.

Underclothing: Federal issue is preferred, civilian is also alright.

Accoutrements: Standard Federal issue accoutrements with cartridge boxes on slings and all proper plates. Brass belt keepers are OK. Two or seven rivets scabbards are fine.

Weapons: '61 or '63 Springfields are first choice, Enfield is 2nd. Should have properly fitted bayonet. Firearms shall be clean and in serviceable and working order. No rounds or caps.

Baggage: Excess baggage is encouraged, such as extra blankets, a chair, a small chest, boxes, scarves, gloves, etc. Candles will be a necessity as well. If you have a mattress tick, it would do very well on the wooden bunks.



Arrive any time Friday afternoon or evening. You may drive up next to the fort, unload, then go park your car in a lot nearby. Try your best to arrive Friday – early Sat. morning is alright, but do not drive up to the fort, please go directly to the parking lot and park. The weekend will conclude by 11am on Sunday.

10465 Point Lookout Road
Scotland, MD 20653
Google Maps

Know your duty calls! Click here to find audio files of duty calls to be heard at the event. You'd be well served to learn them, especially the meal calls! The calls are as follows:

  1. Reveille - Three Camps; Hessian; Dutch; Quick Scotch
  2. Breakfast - Peas Upon a Trencher
  3. To the Color (Assembling the Company)
  4. Dinner Call - Roast Beef
  5. Retreat - Begins and ends with The Three Cheers: We will most likely "Troop the Line" which the command is "Troop Beat Off."
  6. Tattoo - begins with The Three Cheers and the Doublings, and ends with the Three Cheers and the Doublings



Registration is CLOSED as of Dec. 10, 2016.

COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION by sending the fee ($15, LR members exempt) plus any optional sutler funds ($5, $10, or $15) either by PayPal (send "to a friend" to or by check (payable to Michael Clarke, 1155 Irishtown Rd., New Oxford, PA 17350). If you need to cancel, please notify Mike Clarke.