Prelude to "Prelude to Invasion"

In preparation for our event, "Prelude to Invasion", both the organizers and participants alike spent thousands of man-hours recreating the components – stitch by stitch – of a typical Confederate camp.  We provided 20 fly tent kits and 100 jacket kits for participants to sew; the original 8th Va. battle flag was examined and copied; our quartermaster acquired mass quantities of canteens, haversacks, shirts, drawers, and socks to be issued at the event; the sutler stores were stocked with soldiers' supplies, delicacies, and dry goods; rations for 200 men were prepared; and horses were trained to pull the wagons.  It was only as a result of everyone's time and dedication that we were able to accurately recreate the ranks and camp of the 8th Virginia Infantry in full scale as it would have been in June 1863.