The Liberty Rifles will be hosting an immersive Living History at Sailor's Creek Battlefield, portraying the 87th Pennsylvania Infantry, including a tactical demonstration of the engagement which took place there in April of 1865.  This event will be a lot of marching, bivouacking, and living the soldier's life!  We are putting together a battalion consisting of six companies, a color guard, field music, and a wagon.  We will run the weekend on a strict military schedule and in accordance with a military chain of command and structure.  Strict adherence to authenticity guidelines and abstinence from modern anachronisms will be enforced!  To ensure the high quality of participants, this event is INVITE ONLY.


General Info

Where: The event will be held at Sailor's Creek Battlefield

When: April 6-8, 2018

Rations:  Will be issued

Registration: The fee is $20 for guests and $10 for dues-paid LR to cover rations for the weekend.  After signing up, registration will be complete only after submission of this fee.  Send a Paypal payment "to a friend" (to avoid fees) to LibertyRifles1861@gmail.com and note it's for "Sailor's Creek Registration," or send a check or concealed cash to Michael Clarke, P.O. Box 505, New Oxford, PA 17350. The cut-off for refunds is January 31, 2018.

Rounds: 40 rounds in .58 arsenal packs

Order of Battle: We intend to have six companies and a color guard.  


Comrades in the 87th Pa.

A Corporal of the 87th Pa.

Pvt. Aaron Shertzer, Company I, 87th PA - Mustered in March 1865 - Showing an axe wound to his foot in this image.

Impression Guidelines

87th Pennsylvania Infantry, spring of 1865.  Appearance and clothing should be worn and muddy as this is a very wet, active, and constant campaign once Petersburg breaks. Dirty is good, but be subtle about it - don't go overboard.  LIGHT marching order.  Shouldn't need anymore baggage than a shelter half, blanket, and gum blanket.  Reproduction quality MUST be high – mediocre, mainstream reenactor grade reproductions are unacceptable.



3rd Division, 6th Corps (light blue Greek cross).  Everyone should have a corps badge fixed somewhere on their kit (coat, cap, canteen).  The majority of privates would have had cloth badges sewn on.  NCOs and officers can get a bit fancier if so desired, with metal, or more ornate badges.   



All clothing must be made with proper construction techniques, correct patterns, and 100% natural fiber cloth to closely mimic original goods.

Awarded the Medal of Honor.


  • Blouses are greatly preferred as most images depict the 87th in this time with blouses.
  • Commercial jackets and blouses, and enlistedmen's dress coats are also acceptable


  • Enlistedmen's infantry overcoats are very appropriate for early April.


  • Sky blue federal trousers


  • Federal Issue shirts preferred
  • Citizen's shirts or shirts from home also acceptable


  • Citizens hat, dress hat or Federal cap - whichever you prefer


  • US bootees or boots  


Bivouac of the 87th Pa.


    All equipment shall be high quality reproductions in terms of construction and materials used.  NO SUTLER ROW JUNK.  


    Light marching order.  Sketches of the 87th show the men with blanket rolls.  Knapsacks are acceptable as well but MUST BE A QUALITY REPRODUCTION. 

    Sketch of a soldier in the 87th PA suffering through cold, wet picket duty.

    • Federal issue blanket
    • Federal issue gum blanket
    • Federal issue shelter half


    • Federal issue haversack  


    • Federal bullseye canteen
    • Federal smoothside canteen
    • Avoid leather canteen straps


    • 1861 or 1864 pattern cartridge boxes
    • Early or later style cap pouches
    • Waist belts with leather loop or brass keeper
    • Either 2-rivet or 7-rivet scabbards


    All arms and bayonets shall be in EXCELLENT working order, clean, functioning, and safe.  According to the Ordnance Reports for the 4th Quarter of 1864, the 87th Pa. had a mix of Springfields and Enfields at a 3 (S) to 1 (E) ratio.  

    • 1861 or 1863 Springfield
    • 1853 Enfield