2017 Military Events



Winter Quarters

January 27-29, 2017 – Rockfish Gap, Va.

We'll be living in the winter cabins to portray the 30th Btn. Virginia Sharpshooters occupying the area in winter 1865. All participants will receive actual live rounds for target practice, full rations for the weekend, and a sutler will be on site for additional purchases. Do your best to arrive Friday evening as the camp site is in a secluded area.


Ft. McHenry Living History

February 11, 2017 – Baltimore, Md. (US)

We'll go out to Ft. McHenry for a day to portray Heavy Artillery troops stationed at the fort. We'll have access to the guard house and barracks, and will be doing some soldier's life activities and guard mount for visitors.


Garrison at Point Lookout, Md.

March 10-12, 2017 – Pt. Lookout, Md. (US)

The LR and some invited friends will occupy Ft. Lincoln at Point Lookout, Md. for a weekend of garrison duty. All camp calls and duties will be performed throughout the stay, a commissary will supply rations for all meals, and a period sutler will be onsite selling drygoods. We'll be portraying the 2nd New Hampshire, which was part of the New Hampshire Brigade that was stationed at the fort.


155th McDowell REENACTMENT

May 5-7, 2017 – McDowell, Va. (US)

We will be portraying the 75th Ohio Infantry.  We will be occupying the town on Saturday, posting guards throughout, and then Saturday evening move up the mountain and set up a Picket Post. Register as the 75th Ohio, cost is $25.


On To Richmond REeNACTMENT

June 2-4, 2017 – Yorktown, Va. (CS)

This will be the 155th anniversary reenactment of the Seven Days Campaign, held on Endview Plantation.  We'll be portraying Company B of South Carolina's Hampton's Legion Infantry.  Register as Hampton’s Legion Co. B - Liberty Rifles, before Feb. 15th is $20, afterwards $25


Gettysburg Battlefield Program

July 1-2, 2017 – Gettysburg, Pa. (CS)

Our annual Gettysburg anniversary program will once again follow the footsteps of a specific regiment on the battlefield.


155th Cedar Mountain

August 4-6 – Rapidan, Va. (CS)

A living history-march-reenactment hybrid event on the original ground focusing on the Battle of Cedar Mountain.  We will be portraying the 21st Virginia Infantry.  Read John Worsham's book for this one!


21st GEORGIA at Brawner's Farm

August 25-27 – Manassas, Va. (CS)

Working in conjunction with the National Park Service, we'll be doing a living history to commemorate the action at Brawner's Farm on the original ground, specifically focusing on and portraying the 21st Georgia Infantry, who took 70% casualties charging late in the evening towards the Federal line only to be repulsed.


Living History at Edinburg

September 15-17, 2017 – Edinburg, Va. (CS)

This is a very unique opportunity for our group, as we've been invited by Les and Jaunita Jenson to set up a living history at the Historic Edinburg Mill (which still has burn marks on the rafters from Federal Cavalry!).  Exact impression TBD.


Harpers Ferry COntraband Camp

September 22-24, 2017 – Harpers Ferry, WV (US)

This living history is being put on by Fred Rickard and George Hardy, and will include both Federal Infantry (10th Maine in 1862) and a large scale contraband camp, which is a very unique interpretation angle that we rarely see or experience. George's team will be setting up the contraband camp as our central interpretive point, and we'll be looking for a lot of extra baggage to "flood" the camp.


Battle of Wauhatchie

October 26-29 – Knoxville, TN (US)

This is a very progressive, relatively small scale reenactment outside of Knoxville, TN.  We'll be portraying the 78th NY Infantry, and there will be a lot of marching, camping, moving, fighting, etc. over the course of the weekend. Register as 78th New York - LR Company, and the cost is $40. Companies cap at 35. Deadline for refunds 3/1/17, substitutions allowed until 5/1/17.


Remembrance Day PROGRAM & PARADE

November 18, 2017 – Gettysburg, Pa. (US)

Once again we'll take to the battlefield to follow the footsteps of a specific regiment. Following our program we will join the 3rd Battalion for the annual parade.