2017 Civilian Events



Ft. McHenry Living History

February 11, 2017 – Baltimore, Md.

Several of our civilian members attended this event last year and it proved to be an informative and worthwhile day. Like the Mumma Farm, the day is pretty low-key. We'll represent civilians visiting their loved ones at the Fort. We're able to occupy one of the officers quarters for the day, and although the Fort itself dates to the early part of the century, the spaces we will be utilizing are from the the Civil War. If we each bring food, some utensils, and an activity like knitting or stationery we will be able to create an interesting display for the public. Whether we are representing a relative of a solider or a local civilian we might wear some of our better clothes for the day.


Gettysburg Battlefield Program

July 1-2, 2017 – Gettysburg, Pa.

Our annual Gettysburg anniversary program will once again follow the footsteps of a specific regiment on the battlefield.


155th Brawner's Farm Living History

August 25-27 – Manassas, Va.

Brawner’s Farm creates an opportunity to interpret a site that our group has not yet had the chance to visit. We have the option of creating a series of smaller outdoor displays like those we have presented at previous events such as the Spangler Farm and Mumma Farm. Although the building we will be near is not the original structure, we can discuss the specific events associated with that parcel of land, or discuss rural civilian life in general. With the addition of, perhaps, a laundry setup and a canning table, we can create an interesting and interactive display for the public.


Living History at Edinburg

September 15-17, 2017 – Edinburg, Va.

The living history event at Edinburg is being hosted by Les and Juanita Jensen. There is a period mill on location that boasts a very interesting tale of survival, complete with scorched beams. This event is not as structured as others on the schedule and we can very easily provide several smaller interpretive talks and demonstrations for the public.


Harpers Ferry Contraband Camp

September 22-24, 2017 – Harpers Ferry, WV

We have the opportunity to occupy historic buildings at the Harpers Ferry site. There, we can either choose to interpret according to a given building’s occupational purpose, or create an interpretive point based on our individual abilities or regional knowledge. Here, we will have the rare chance to include a significantly sized contraband camp in our educational plan, and discuss the opposing and varying views held of American slavery by the region’s residents.


Remembrance Day PROGRAM

November 18, 2017 – Gettysburg, Pa.

Once again we'll take to the battlefield to follow the footsteps of a specific regiment.