2018 Civilian Events



Gettysburg Battlefield Program

June 29-JUly 1, 2018 – Gettysburg, Pa.

The LR civilian contingent will represent the rural farming families who were most affected by the fighting in and around Gettysburg in the summer of 1863. We'll portray the effects of the battle on the ability of local women and children to live daily life. The interpretation will showcase a farm’s preparation for oncoming harvest and how the preservation of food, a necessity to sustain a healthy existence for one’s family, was inhibited by death, destruction and the onset of disease.


Living History at Edinburg

September 22-23, 2018 – Edinburg, Va.

Hosted by Les and Juanita Jensen, this site has a period mill that boasts an interesting tale of survival, complete with scorched beams. This event isn't as structured as our other events, and we can very easily provide several smaller interpretive talks and demonstrations. We'll have the opportunity, along with displays of rural life, to speak to visitors about the choices families were forced to make in times of war. How will a family survive on the home-front? Will they be able to remain on their land? Will that land be fruitful after it has been ravaged by armies?


Remembrance Day PROGRAM

November 17, 2017 – Gettysburg, Pa.

Once again we'll take to the battlefield to follow the footsteps of a specific regiment.