Regimental Research


Federal Units


2nd Vermont Infantry at Fort Marcy in the Defenses of Washington, September 1861

By Paul A. Boccadoro

82nd Ohio Infantry at the Battle of McDowell, May 1862

By the Liberty Rifles Research Committee

Excerpts from "The New History of the 99th Indiana Infantry" by Chaplain D. R. Lucas

Edited by Paul A. Boccadoro


“A Splendid Appearance:” Extracts from the 146th New York Volunteers, 1862-64

By Paul Luks, Jason Spellman, and John Yoho

Crossed Hatchets and Detached Service: The Creation of the Pioneer Brigade

By Cody J. Harding

Federal Engineering Operations on Petersburg’s Eastern Front, Winter 1864-65

By Paul Luks and Jason Spellman


Confederate Units


"Black and Muddy as Hogs:" the 4th North Carolina Infantry during the Overland Campaign, May 1864

By Jeff Felton

"To do, or die:" Actions of the 4th Texas Infantry at Gaines’ Mill

By Jason C. Spellman

4th Texas Infantry during the Maryland Campaign, September 1862

By the Liberty Rifles Research Committee

16th Mississippi Infantry during the Chancellorsville Campaign, May 1863

By the Liberty Rifles Research Committee

English Cloth on Cooke’s Foot Cavalry: English Uniforms and the 27th North Carolina Troops

By Andrew Turner


“The Bloody Thirty First:" Reflections on the 31st Regiment of Virginia Volunteers at Allegheny Mountain"

By Jason C. Spellman

36th Virginia Infantry in Summer/Fall 1861

By the LR Research Committee

“The coldest place I ever saw:” Winter Encampment of the North Carolina Brigade at Petersburg, Va., 1864-65

By Jason C. Spellman